Furniture Delivery Service in London Ontario

If you’ve seen that fancy IKEA drawer on Instagram or TikTok and want one for your home, but don’t have the time, money or a van to go pick it up yourself, furniture delivery service in London Ontario is an easy way to get your hands on that stylish new addition to your home. There are many companies out there offering affordable and reliable pick up and delivery of household items, furniture, even cars. But before you book your local transport provider, there are a few things you need to be aware of.

Make sure you’re home when the courier arrives. While this might seem like common sense, the reality is that furniture deliveries are often made by people without the benefit of common sense and, as a result, mistakes can happen. So, it’s best to be at home when your furniture is delivered and ensure that you’re happy with the item before the driver leaves.

Ensure you open and inspect every piece of furniture from top to bottom. This includes examining the frames, fabric, legs and functionality (eg. reclining). If something is broken or not as described, it’s important that you note this on the delivery sheet and on the phone to the furniture company.

Using Shiply for your furniture delivery can save you up to 75% off standard prices. This is because the thousands of furniture couriers on our site compete to win your job by offering a discounted price. Couriers have to drive long distances to complete furniture delivery jobs and are keen to avoid driving back empty-handed, so will offer heavily discounted rates on our platform to attract your business.